How to Combat Hair Loss in Women

For ages now, hair has been referred to as a woman's crown. Its quite shocking to see the crown damaged for any reason. This condition is common and has affected many people. Fortunately, the loss can be avoided in various ways.

Let us begin with instances which make one loss hair. First, due to a medical condition. Use of medicines which have an effect on the follicles are known to be a cause. In cancer treatment, exposure to the chemicals is a common cause of hair loss. As one of the factors, old age has been known to be one. Hair loss can affect the head only or to some it can affect the whole body.

The cause of the hair loss is important for one to know. It is easy to deal with it. There are things that trigger the hair loss, and it is good to avoid them. Taking supplements and eating a healthy diet when one is under medication to strengthen the follicles is good. Hair loss can also be caused by high-stress levels. Reducing the stress levels is advisable. Know more about nuviante .

There is a genetic situation that one loses the hair due to her hereditary genes. Medication prescribed by a doctor can be a control. In the cases of pregnancy, hormonal changes can adversely affect a woman's hair. Use of supplements to boost the vitamin deficiency can prevent this. A good diet accompanies this as well.

One of the causes of hair loss is aging. When one is aging, there are certain diseases which one is prone to, and also menopause brings about hormonal changes in the body, this can lead to hair loss. Involving exercises and eating healthy food is important in living a healthy lifestyle. For more info about hair loss, visit .

Baldness is also hair loss, which appears in patches on the head. A large number of men as compared to women are affected. Pulling the hair with much effort while holding it in a ponytail can cause weakening of the hair hence causing breakage.  When plaiting or holding the hair, it is advisable to not put too much pressure on it to avoid putting it under stress.

Before taking any treatments when one recognizes the thinning of her hair, it is advisable to make a diagnosis of the problem. The hair and the scalp are involved in this check. Several methods like the pull test have been used in this.  This is the pulling of hair and sees how many come out of one pull. Carrying out a pluck test can also be performed. This is the case where hair is plucked, and a microscope is used to examine its roots. In worst case scenarios, a biopsy is done.

Medications are subscribed once the cause is known. Avoiding the trigger for the psychological ones is important. Check out nuviante if you have questions.